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ITALY – € 10,00
EUROPE – € 15,00
DMD will deliver in Italy and in all Europe thanks to the BRT/SDA/DHL service.
The products delivered from DMD is properly packed and followed by the purchase invoice that shows the quantity and price in Euro.


DMD grants, for all the deliveries, a free assurance against accidental damages.
The assurance is valid until the merchandise is delivered over.

Order Fulfillment

Every placed and paid order will have their items delivered within two working days : expeditions start from Ozone Srl, Bergamo (Italy), in the working days, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.
Orders placed from Saturday to Sunday will be handled on the next Monday

Tracking Number

The customer can control anytime his delivery, thanks to a service disposed by BRT/SDA/DHL. The customer will receive a text messagge or an e-mail confirmation when the merchandise is sent with the tracking number supplied by BRT/SDA/DHL that will consent to the customer to verify anytime where his delivery is.

Delivery Time

The delivery time is conditioned by the destinations of the products.
Italy: the delivery is estimated within two days from the expedition.
European Countries: the delivery is estimated within three/four working days from the expedition.
Extra European Countries: the delivery is estimated within five working days from the expedition.

Shipping Cost

ITALY: € 10,00
EUROPE: € 15,00
For the following countries: Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Portugal, Balearic Islands, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Malta and Russia the shipping fees are equal to € 30,00)
Rest of the world: € 90,00.

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